Anonymous said: How many followers do you have on this blog?

more than u 

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michenyc said: Dope shit 🙏

ima young king 

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empire-and-dynasty said: dope tumblr bruh, where bouts you based?

appreciate it. movin round but wanna end up in NY

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trvnquilty said: Why they throw so much shade at you for being real ?

end of the day, no one fuks with honest 

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Anonymous said: You're an asshole wtf lol

i am what i am.. fuk outta here 

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west-side-vibes said: Loven your blog its dope asf

wish i could say the same jasmiin2dope…

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artthem said: im in the process of launching a high-end high-quality HBA/Givenchy's with a touch of a religious theme. What would you ball park the price for a hoodie, and would you happen to have any links for some inspiration?

create a good marketing foundation, dope people wear dope things, get the right people wearing your shit and people will pay what u want

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deathbirdunlimited said: This guy wants me to pay 720 for that supreme joint that frank ocean wears a lot with the falcon is that a good price?

720, bruh ur a slave to that pricetag 

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