Anonymous said: Please learn to spell smh

anonymous said something? take that pocket change u fukin with, and buy yourself a snickers. girl

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davidjudegreene said: I can not stop scrolling, re posting and lusting for every image on your site! Killer Aesthetic buddy

Who the Fuk says lusting. straight up

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Anonymous said: what are you favorite sneakers? from brands like nike, Adidas, reebok etc

personally i fuk with reebok. 

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ronald-reagan-era said: wow. Amazing blog and amazing taste! I just fell in love haha xxKeep goin' guuuys

if u in love, it aint mutual

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tezeki said: Do you think track pants r fashionable? Thinkin of investin in some. Where should I buy??

u dehydrated? coz u thirsty as fuk

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Anonymous said: Do you think a chubby white kid could pull off this type of clothing

 yeah, all about attitude 

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winterfevers said: Your feed = dope.

course it fukin is

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